Manager, Fredrik Johannesson, is available as fishing guide for our guests. He is familiar with the area, and has at all times updated knowledgde of where the fish bites best. He will join you in your boat as guide and driver.

We offer to types of guiding:

1. “First-time Frøya” guiding, 5 hours (Fshing areas, fishing tips etc.). NOK 1.200.
2. Guiding for more experienced Frøya-travelers, 7-8 hours with the goal of catching specific types of fish/large fish. NOK 1.700.

Fishing guides ought to be arranged up front to make sure Fredrik is not already occopyed with other groups.

First-time Frøya

kr 1200
  • 5 hours Boating
  • Tips
  • Areas

Pro Guide

Fish and photoguide
kr 1700
  • 7-8 Hour Boating
  • Specific type fishery hunt
  • 0047-91 87 08 66